Transporting captive fallow


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I am in the process of organising the capture, and transportation of a herd of 15 captive (wild as hell) fallow. I have been advised to build a darkened raceway and over a period feed the deer into it. On the appointed day the idea is to shut the raceway off behind the deer and gently move them towards the trailer/truck. Does anyone have any first hand of experience in this ? I would also appreciate any advice on the legal requirements of transportation of animals over long periods (12-15 hours)

Thanks Sticks


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I've not much experience of transporting live deer however when handling the deer in the "coral", I've found it's a lot easier in the dark, we used night vision goggles .
It was literaly night and day compared with trying to work with them in daylight , these were wild hill red hinds .
In NZ some of the deer handling facilities are kept dark and also have warer sprinkling systems which also quietiens the deer


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Hi Sticks,
Contact Defra re transport of farmed deer pamphlet.

Transport requirements

minimum floor space adult does 0.35 m2 bucks 0.50 m2

minimum height live wt 75-100 kg 1.35m

antlered must be penned separately

special regs if bucks in velvet

get PAPER WORK IN ORDER from various sources.

If you pm me can give you some guidance re handling and loading but they are NOT EASY.

also you will need to warn of capture myopathy at the other end.