Trap gun or. Game gun

Full choke

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My mate had a moruku mk 38 sold to him as a trap gun it has a adjustable stock underneath the action is says mk38 trap
Barrels are 28 and the choke is 1/4 and 1/2
Now I thought trap gun were 30 or 32 barrels bore full and 3/4 I'm thinking it has a set of game barrels on it
Your thoughts on this please


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I believe (but am willing to be proved wrong) that the trap versions generally came in 30" or 32", and were choked 3/4 and full.

A 28" barrel would be an anomaly, but you never know, it might have been specially requested with shorter barrels for OT or DT, for a young or female shooter. Even then I'd want to know why it was choked 1/4 and 1/2......

A big giveaway would be the rib. The original trap rib would be broad and cross-cut, , but a game rib would be narrower.

That said, there was a massive fad in the '90s/2000's for "sporterised" trap guns, with the likes of Carl Bloxham, and Neil Faulds setting the trend for trap guns with lowered combs but still with 32" tight choked barrels used with devastating effect at sporting clays. This could be someone's idea of such a beast, destined not for clays but for game.

Next part of the hypothesis comes into play, which is that it was put together for someone who needed an adjustable comb. Flat, high, straight stocks (and thereby adjustable) would suit women's physiology better than a traditional game stock, or someone with a neck shape or size that needed a bit more comb height than a traditional sporting/game stock.

Either way, I would want to shoot a few rounds of trap with it before I committed to it as a dedicated trap gun.
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Someone probably had it cut down after barrels bulged. On the mk38 it will say on barrels what length it is..