Travel to Poland with firearms ?

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Evening Gents
Have any of you travelled to Poland (Gdansk airport in particular) with a rifle and ammo ?
If so, how did you find the experience ? it again or too much hassle ?
Many Thanks



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Been to Poland with a rifle a couple of times - including Gdansk. No problems at all - very easy.

I would AT ALL COSTS avoid a transit in the UK - particularly Heathrow. You can possibly get Aberdeen - Frankfurt - Gdansk? Schipol may also be a problem - you need a Dutch customs form to get filled, sent to Schipol and sent back 'stamped'.

I went via LHR - never again.


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I dunno if they go but I went to South Africa with Virgin - a doddle. Happily my stuff was booked through all the way from Edinburgh so that, even though I went through Heathrow, I didn't get involved there. It can be a bloody nightmare.


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Schiphol can be bloody awful. One of our guys "lost" his guns for two weeks. Eventually he reported them stolen. Miraculously found immediately. Try and avoid it. Take the bus!!!


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I've been to Poland 3 times now but from Heathrow to Berlin then onwards by minibus. Heathrow is a bit of a ball acher but they eventually get the job done, just allow at least 3 hrs before your departure time. Berlin is excellent. Twice now the police asked us where we were hunting, what calibres we used etc and were hunters themselves and genuinely interested. I believe polish airports are much the same as Berlin after speaking with friends who have flown there.
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