Tried something different with a skull


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Don’t think I would either! Each to their own but you see that black hole to the right of the skull, I reckon it might go nicely in there with some logs and a match......


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Ok paint them in her football club colours....or perhaps add roses painted in her fave colour.
She MUST not win :lol:
Exactly its a war of attrition its bad enough with all the bloody pot poirri and clutter must make a last stand even though it may be my last.


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I had to double check your profile to check if you came from Essex. That is some serious bling!
My thoughts exactly. There would definitely people in Essex who would like that on the wall. Other people from other counties too I’m sure to not give the people of Essex too hard of time


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There was a post on here a while back with the painted and dip coated most of which in my opinion were horrendous but each to their own and if it keeps a weight off your back then job done.


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I couldn't live with a woman that told me I couldn't put something on the wall that ment a lot to me. And then probably buy some mass produced s##t from some shop. And don't get me started on the (what will visitors/friends think) because they can p##s off if they don't like it. On a side note I've never had someone walk out my house because it offends them so much I get far more good comments and where did get them.