trigger mech for mauser 98


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help needed
i hav a brno rifle with a mauser 98 action
what i am after is info for a new trgger mechanism as the one i hav can not be lightened any more with out it setting itself of, this i am afraid is to heavy for my requirements , and feel i need to change for something that can be set a lot lighter
thanks in advance

Heym SR20

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Get an after market trimney or jewell trigger installed - look in Gunmart as there are a number of suppliers advertising them.


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hi heym
funny enough i went to NCG today with the thoughts of him supplying and fitting a new trigger,as i was getting more and more peeved with it
Bill his gunsmith, had a look at it and said the problem was the trigger mech was loose, so he tightened and adjusted it seems to be good and light now but hav only dry fired it ,shall try it at work tomorrow just to make sure
other wise it will go back for a trimney to be fitted
fingers crossed