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Hi all,
I was out at the weekend, and saw a Trigicon scope for the first time. I was very impressed, and fancy one for boar. I was told I was looking at probably the first one in the U.K. Has anyone any experience of them? They certainly look very impressive, never change a battery again!


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Hi Buckup, I had a client who is an agent in the States over two years back. He brought over a 300win mag for the hill, I think it was a Thompson (bloody horrible thing) and on the top he had a Trigicon scope, with a central post and a red triangle on it as the point of aim.

Personally I was not impressed at all, the light gathering qualities were appalling. He told me that the US Army were switching over to Trigicon (dont know how true that was).

That is the only one I have seen in use and in the field. He also took a Sika Stag so I got to see it in action in a forest situation under falling light.

Hmmmm no thanks. But this is my opinion.
Trigicon Optics

I have used Trigicons all over the world on assualt rifles and have never been nothing other than impressed......I travel lots due to my work and from one hot spot to the next my zero is always on....if i were going to be using a sight for "driven" boar then i would either invest in an aimpoint or EoTech but the bonus with Trigicons is of course the magnification....

True the US Military use Trigicons but they are not issued kit yet....

Good luck.


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I've just ordered a set of Trijicon open sights for my slug gun. Will see if they are any good when they are fitted and tested.
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