trimming my bush (muffler)!

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Offroad Gary

Well-Known Member
just taken delivery of bush muffler to protect my new T4.

its too long so will need trimming, has anyone done the same?

do i need to apply something to the cut neoprene to stop it unravelling/falling to bits such as superglue or something, or will the cut edge just be ok to leave??

thanks in advance



Distinguished Member
Neoprene won't rip unless you apply excessive pressure to it a starting point ie. a 1-2cm cut into the neoprene that you could pull, but it's strong stuff, If you wish to apply a glue, I would be wary of using Superglue as this might melt it!!

It will be fine as long as you do a good job cutting it.



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Simple straight cut with scissors or sharp knife and it will be fine. I did mine an age ago and no ripping at all.


Offroad Gary

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all trimmed, lovely jubbly :lol:
T4 tastik.

The Mole

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A slight smudge of rubber glue (something like Evostick) over the cut stitching will protect that from pulling loose
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