Trip to africa 2009 any contacts ?

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Hi myself and two mates want to go to Africa next year we don't want trophy animals just a ( managment cull hunt ) anyone have any contacts worth giving a ring, one of my mates has been a couple of years ago and was ripped off so we just want to shoot mainly cull animals.

any contacts will be apreciated thanks


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Try Shakari who posts on this forum:
Even if he has no hunts available, I'm certain he will point you in the right direction.
I've been to Tanz. three times with him and it's always been spot on. Everything is sorted, start to finish, the camps and hunting have been excellent. If you have broadband and Skype you could speak to him personally if you wish. He's a crack shot, too. Ask him to send you the pic of the three eyed lion 8) !!!. I cannot speak too highly of him and his lady.


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hi rg
you may also want to look at this outfitt
they hav a uk contact who is quite a respectfull and honest bloke
they will be at weston park , not sure about the cla but worth having a chat to
if you are interested i hav a number for keith thier uk contact


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Or there's us - - we cover the Etosha Region of Namibia plus a few outfitters in S. Africa too - feel fre to let me know if we can help, or if you'd welcome a 2nd opinion or just want to pick someone's brains!

I'm backwards and forwards to Namibia as a matter of course so if you want some advice on travel, transporting firearms and so on, again, just shout!


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