Trophy Judgement

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Being reasonably new to Roe stalking and having acquired two patches of Roe in Wiltshire I need to learn lots about judging trophy quality on the live buck.

What are the hard and fast rules for quality assessment, what makes one better than the other.

On this I am an empty vessel fill me with knowledge.

Cheers, Gerry

P.S. pics are always useful


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hi jerry
i look at antler length above the ears, the taller the better , 6 pointer or more and try and see how uniform it is also size of coronets as the fatter the heavier as weight is an essential part of trophy measeurement
i hav a 6 pointer that is 111/2 "on one side and 11"on the other but hav been told due to lack of weight it may not even make bronze, but i will post a pic just to show you
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