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I have been lucky enough to shoot a decent fallow buck (for our area). Having boiled it, cleaned and bleached it there is still some of the yellowy material in places. If I rescrape it can I rebleach it?

Where can you get decent peroxide from? Our chemists only seem to have 5% solutions.



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I have always had the best results by skinning, boiling, cutting and bleaching immediately after shooting - or as close as you can get.

One trick I have learnt is to put Ariel Biological in the water when boiling - just make sure you don't leave it in too long! This really cuts down on the yellow tinge on the bone.

I have always used 6% peroxide - seems to work OK but as you say sometimes yo have to do bits twice


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Try a womens hair salon, the bleaching paste they use is great and being a peroxide paste it sticks to the bone well.

If you are lucky the girl that serves you will be pretty and explain how to make up different strenghts. Bonus


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Sounds like a good tip - peroxide is fiddly to apply with loo paper - I'm a cheap skate and don't use the recommended cotton wool! I have seen paste advertised - but always as a 'specialist' product at specialist prices. A small bottle of peroxide is at least cheap.

Another tip - I always had trouble getting the skin and hair off the bottoms of the pedicles - there was always a bit left and its very difficult to fillet out. I found if you just cut the skin off at the bottom of the bone part of the pedicles and then cut to the underside of the horn only and then tear the skin off with a pair of pliers it comes off much more cleanly than trying to cut.


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Do be warned though if you use the hairdressing stuff which I always do that it bloody burns like hell & will take the skin of your hands if you dont used rubber gloves, I found this out when I failed to listen to my hairdressing wife-much to my own very pianful cost!

Regs Lee


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allways get my hydrogen peroxide from boots, thay do two strenght's 6% and 9%, cheap as chips when you have finished squeeze the cotton wool out back into the bottel with the aid of a funnel then you can use again.