Trophy Preparation - How to do it?

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How do you you guys prepare your deer heads, the journey from freshly killed animal to the final trophy for display on the wall?? As its nearly buck season just thought I would start planning ahead (ever the optimist!).


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1. Have an understanding wife

2. Skin Head remove as much fleash as possible (as it pong's a bit when you boil)

3. Place head in wife's nice big pan with a few spoon's of caustic soda.( don't use aluminium pan's as Costic likes alluminium)

4. Boil away for 20 mins, every now and then scrap a bit more flesh off.

5. Go to the nearest hair dressers and ask for industral strength peroxide, and cover the scull for a bit and hay presto, nice white head.

And don't forget to:

6. When you've finished put on extractor fan, light every single smelly candle you have in the house, and put all of the plug in air freshaner's on.

7. Hide the pan rom the wife.


Do it when she's out otherwise, as mine did, she'll hit the roof when she walk's in and find a head boiling away on the hob.


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Or you can have a o/h that also stalks and preps her trophys in her kitchen with her best cookpots but she still moans at me when l do one thats been hanging around a few days :eek: there just aint no pleasing some :D.

But seriously l/we boil them out in the shed over a camping gas stove because the kids complain about the stink and surprisingly they turn their nose up at the stew that is served up for dinner anytime during the next week :D


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Now, what gauge of wire do you all favour for shoving up the hooter :eek: :eek: Is that what they call the brain drain :D :D

Go careful with the peroxide, cover the head in cotton wool soaked in the stuff, then leave it for a day or two. I think I prefer the female of the species really. Not so smelly, easier to clean and they taste better, is this stalking mirroring life :confused: :confused:



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Jason said

"Place head in wife's nice big pan with a few spoon's of caustic soda.( don't use aluminium pan's as Costic likes alluminium)".

Good idea, but try to avoid getting this on your antlers, as it will take all the colour out of them,(been there done that) besides there isn't generaly a lot of tissue on the top of the head to require immersion in the caustic.



Hi Mudman

There is an alternative to caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). caustic is very agressive and if added to boiling water it can be very violent and can also dissolve the bone to nothing (including yours). Instead you can use washing soda also known as soda crystals. Its actuially called sodium carbonate, you can get it from Asda or Morrissons etc. It does exactly the same job as the Caustic, its just a gentler version really. Dont boil the head just simmer it very gently over a few hours ........ the meat will go to jelly and just drop off the bone. You can change the solution a few times. Always pour off the excess through a seive so you dont lose any little nasal bones.

You can get hydrogen peroxide from almost any chemist 30 vols strength is spot on for bleaching out a Roe head and you dont need much.

After that you can do pretty much as stated above really.


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