Trophy Shipping


Afternoon SD

A bit of advice needed.

I have had a full shoulder mount of a Boar shot in Portugal made. Can it be shipped and does anybody suggest a company.

Thanks in advance.



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I've just had stuff shipped from Africa into Prestwick. I am well aware, before we get the smart Alec replies, that you live in Wales and your question was regarding a boar in Portugal, but if you pm me I'll give you the name of the shipping company up here. I can't imagine it matters to them which airport it comes in to.


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I've had two large crates from Spain arrive this summer, containing Barbary Sheep, Ibex and Boar.
They arrived via TNT. In fact every european trophy shipment I've had has been via a standard courier.
As far as I can tell whilst we are still in Europe there is no need to use a broker etc. Just book a standard courier to do it.