Trossachs deer management.


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Just done my DMQ1 with Brian, Paul and Andy at Trossachs deer management and they were great, very good at working through everything especially the shooting part of the test which there tips and advice really helped myself. Was also a good group of guys that were on the course, I can defiantly recommend them to anybody looking to do their DMQ 1.

Thanks for a enjoyable weekend I really took a lot away from it and when it comes round to doing my DMQ 2 I will be giving Brian a phone.

Could not agree more,Great bunch a guys on the course and a great team running it

Andy Brian and Paul I can't thank you guys enough for a tremendous course, I for one will de recommending you to everyone

Thank you


Agree with all of the above. From my perspective the group training was excellent as it enabled us sharing knowledge amongst us all, prepared us well for the exam. Target shooting enhanced my confidence with shooting accuracy. Inspires me to take on DMQ2.
Was not even bothered that I missed the Wimbledon final! Great course well managed by Brian, excellent value for money. To be recommended.