Truck Driver.


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I was sitting at a red light yesterday...minding my own business, waiting on it to turn green. A carload of young, loud Muslims shouting anti-English slogans stopped next to me. The light changed, the Muslims shook their fists, hit the gas and darted off ahead of me.

Suddenly a large lorry came speeding through and ran directly over their car, crushing it completely. For several minutes I sat in my car thinking to myself, "Hey, that could have been me!"

So, today...bright and early, I went out and got me a job as a truck driver...



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Funny that I saw the same crash and notified the emergency services straight away but no one attended the scene for 4 days last time I am using a second class stamp i can tell you. The post Office are useless.
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there was a young asian chap run over in our high street today the witnesses said it was the firts time they seen the road tarmacked and the cats eyes put in all at the same time .