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Hi Folks just wondered who was out on Tuesday morning for the first day of the Roebuck season? Forecast Okish here bit too much wind for my liking but some mornings you just got to go. :lol:


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Bugger I forgot the Buck season! :eek: Mind you I've got six offers from members with Roe on their land so I'll get around to it! Many thanks to those kind members by the way!

It's just getting interesting on the muntjac at present. The sunny weather has made them all go soft in the head and they are standing out in the open ready to be shot! Usually if I blink I miss them! :eek:

Good luck for tuesday Ghost Rifle, I look forward to the pictures! :D


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hi ghostrifle
i don't start to shoot roe bucks till end of april/start of may as for i still hav fallow bucks that i can shoot , went out tonite and saw a bunch of 14 fallow of a mix from good mature bucks to sorrel down to prickets and 5 roe 2 were bucks and the on the other ground i hav i hav been seing a few more roe bucks so stroll on may 1st as the roe will be out of velvet and look even more beautifull than they do know
good luck on the 1st


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We won't be stalking the roe to hard for the next 2 or 3 weeks as there are still a few muntjac to catch up with, out today got within 40yds of a nice clean 6 point, bet he wont be seen again after tuesday :D


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Bloody starter has packed in on my car scupering my plans for tuesday. I guess I will just need to find a big hill to park on in the morning and hope I can get it fixed during the day in time for the evening stalk.

No doubt all the bucks I have been watching will have gone in to hiding!

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