Sold: Tuned RCBS Model 5.0.2 Scales & Webcam setup


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Due to arrival on my new FX120 Scales and Autotrickler, I am selling my original beam scale set-up.

They are RCBS (Ohaus) Model 5.0.2 scales, in original box and complete with instructions. All in very good condition.

£50 posted to UK mainland.

The base of the scale has been filled to increase the weight/stability.
Fulcrum edges are sharp & true.
A dampening rest has been fitted to prevent bouncing of the pan when empty.
The base has been fitted with a web-cam mount and the USB web-cam is included (see second photo).

As well as pictures of the scales themselves, I have included screen-shots showing the scale when zero'd and with a single kernel of RS62 powder in the pan.

I'm also selling a TargetMaster Trickler and GemPro300 Digital Scales under separate posts.