Turning off Toyota Hilux Beeps!

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Turning off the Seat belt beeper

(1)turn the car on , do not start engine(leave you foot off the brake).cycle your trip reset knob until you it reads odo. turn the ignition back off. wait a couple of seconds

(2) make sure seat belt is not fastened

(3)turn the ignition back on ,do not start the car(leave your foot off the brake) as soon as you see everything light up, press and hold the trip reset knob and do a long 12 second count.

(4)keep your finger on the trip reset knob. fasten your seat belt, as soon as you fasten your seat belt, you should see the odo display go from xxxx ks to "b-on". at that time take your finger off the trip reset knob and press it again. it should cycle to "b-off". you should be all set turn the ignition off and unfasten your seat belt.

Turning off the Key-in-ignition beep

Under the steering wheel colum is 1 screw holding the plastic on, remove it.

Then turn the steering wheel 1/4 turn left, remove thr screw behind the wheel, repeat for 1/4 turn tot he right.

Remove lower column cover.

On the ignition barrel is a white plug with only 2 wires on the side of the key barrell

Unplug this, and replace the column cover.

I have found no issues after doing this as it is just a loop wire that detects key in lock barrell

The headlights etc still beep.

Turning off the internal alarm sensors (if you have a dog inside) - Temporary

Before closing the drivers door cycle the lock/unlock button on the door liner until the security LED continuously flashes then shut the door and lock with the remote, this will need to be done every time you have a dog inside.

These all work on my Mk6

All I need to find out now is how to stop the screech if I accidentally hit the lock button on the key while a door is open :evil:


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Another method is to buy blank seat belt clips from the bay for about £5 a pair and stick them in. Stops the alarms for any car!


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Another method is to buy blank seat belt clips from the bay for about £5 a pair and stick them in. Stops the alarms for any car!
Or £1 a piece from your local scrappers. They don't have to be the same make as the car either. The ones I got for my Freelander II came off an old VW Passat.


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Will this work on a 58 plate Ranger? as the key beep is getting right on my TITS!:oops:


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Great advice Pointblank,The seatbelt bleeper really does get on your T##s especially when lamping.
Great post.
​ Atb John


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You can also go under the seat and disconnect the weight sensor which is a simple clip, the same with the key sensor, undo the cover under the steering wheel and it's another clip right in front of you.

paul o'

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any one know how to turn off the 2008 wildtrack ranger one's ? bloody yank idea drives me mad! you see a fox you stop and open the door bleep bleep f****** bleep or you see a fox you stop forget to turn the sidelights off bleep bleep f****** bleep ?? so help in turning off the key bleep,door bleep, lights bleep all the darn bleeps off would be a big help, the only one you have a button for is reverse bleep !!

paul o'

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:rofl: see you copy me and get a ranger and its beeps are driveing you mad BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP DING DING BONG BONG ??

Q Tim 243


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Fantastic, that's tomorrow's free afternoon sorted
Any way of stopping the hazards flashing when locking / unlocking?


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On a later Hilux (VSS3 alarm) to lock your dog/kids in the car press the lock button on the key fob twice, within 30 seconds (I think), this disarms the internal sensors.

Anyone know how to stop the auto lock and alarm resetting? This has caught me out loads of times, once in the middle of the woods preparing for a morning stalk!


Paul 600

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My 55 plate Ranger doesn't do it but then again I can't find out why the lights on the dash(not speedo etc) don't work!:zzz:
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