Come on chap's get bidding on the M & S auction these Boar in the photo are two out of about fourteen we saw on Friday night not exactly trophies but damn good eating. We have seen a Boar working our area as well, so if your feeling lucky :D
Andy and I will try our hardest for the winning bidder.
We are seeing plenty of Fallow as well so get bidding for this rare chance to try your luck at English Wildboar :D




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Wayne mate they are going to be some sort of nice eating, i envy your boar availibility, i hope your going to eat the trotters snout and ears just like Hugh fernly thingy majigy, as im a pig farmer now i must learn to appriciate the whole hog ;) :D :D

P.S. whats the M and S auction.....


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Perfect size!

I have spotted quite a few more on my ground over the last few weeks, so time to start filling my freezer too!


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Yeh I thought WD was opening a new branch on his ground bit like the motorway services M&S 's :lol:

Well done mate they are cracking boar wish we had some spare cash to bid think I will have to just drop a bid on Wadas very smart Spanish gunslip .. hey ho :cry:


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nice going wayne
you and andy certainly know how to do things the proper way, i shall say that much and more for you both
keep well and speak soon
ps ain't it time andy posted little :lol: :lol:
Hi Stone
Hopefully see you at the dog day. I was going to put some photo's on from last week. I had a couple of days on a mates ground and shot a couple of Sika prickets and a nice Stag but forgot to take any photos until I'd took the head and legs off :oops: never mind had a good time the first stag and pricket were shot out of group of 40+ nice to see ;)

Speak soon

Go on legaleagle get some of that cash from under the mattress :D



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yes wayne
looking forward to the dog day, looks to be a great day
with a great bunch of people turning up
see you soon