Available: Two great packages available.


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Wild Horizon has two of the following packages available. The packages are really good value for money.

1 Kudu up to 52"
1 Black Wildebeest
1 Impala
1 Blesbok
1 Warthog

Six nights full board including local alcohol, transfers East London airport, P.H. Trackers, Skinning,delivery of trophies to Taxidermist.
Hunting on 12000 acres with Clint Gower.
Hunts must be conducted between June and mid August.
Trophies will be mature males of the Specie.

The above including the 5 mentioned trophies for GBP 2600.00


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I would keep your head down on this site after the recent revelations about you on another site Bushwack


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Totally agree, another great offer from a excellent outfitter with some seriously big kudu on that concession, cheers graeme


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wonder why this package looks so appealing...
Because its on an area teeming with game of many species, has superb accommodation, and because Clint is a hard working P.H. a great host, who will go the extra mile and more get you your animals. I've hunted with him and guy three times, will go back there again without looking elsewhere as they tick all the boxes for me, and a large following on this site. deerwarden


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wonder why this package looks so appealing...
Several reasons really.

1) Wild Horizon are a quality outfit. I've hunted with them and would do again. I've not heard a bad word said about their hunting and I know several people who have used them as an outfitter, some of which are on this site.

2) Clint Gower is a top bloke. More than a PH. He's a very helpful, friendly guy who works his backside off to ensure you are happy. He's also a real naturalist, who will take a lot of time to discuss the local ecosystems, flora and fauna with you. I suspect a lot of PH's are nowhere near as knowledgeable as Clint when it comes to the local wildlife to be brutally honest.

3) Good sized farms. We all know RSA is fenced, but the area is much larger than many others.

4) Looks good value price wise. On my 'cull' hunt with Guy I took a Rowland Ward class blesbok and an SCI medal blue wildebeest. I know a few of Guy's clients have also been very fortunate with their hunts with him. He doesn't offer low grade animals.

5) Run a search on the outfitter on this very site. You'll find plenty of praise from several repeat customers. What does that tell you?

All the best


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no harm done, thought i give a bit of 'advertising' (not that wild Horizon needs it). We have a lot of viewing and no response on threads...no intention to 'hijack' any thread!

intended to read:

No wonder why this package looks so appealing...great price!!​
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