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Hello All,

I would like to recommend two new DVDs that the BDS have released.

"Gralloching from field to larder" and "Skin butcher and cook"

The first one is introduced by Ray Mears and is demonstrated by Chris Howard. Even if you have gralloched hundreds of deer before I am certain that you will learn something new from this. This is by far the most up to date and best practise available. This is a "must have" for anyone contemplating doing their Level 2. I guarantee that you will watch this one time and time again.

The second one "Skin butcher and cook" is jointly demonstrated by both TV chef Mike Robinson and Chris Howard.
This DVD covers everything the title says and more. This brought about a total new dimension on how to skin and joint venison to me. I have other DVDs on the subject but this supercedes anything from old. Absolutely excellent.

If you purchase both from BDS it will cost £38.15 or £21.52 individually.

Great Christmas Present for yourself ?


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Now, whilst some amongst us may complain that £38.15 is still the price of a Friday night out.....

1. Chris's attitude toward the gralloch is based upon the legal minimum requirement of covering your arse if you intend to supply into the commercial food chain. Learn the principle from what he demonstrates, do not expect to follow by rote. Every "harvest" is different, your field method will adapt, the end product should still be a result.

2. All our current methods are still "valid", it just depends on where your venison is destined to go. He is acting as a messenger about what we can all achieve in our own way. Don't shoot :)

Bloody good demonstration of the pressure from the Rumen back up the oesophagus. Also how much green matter still in the mouth.

3. Mike Robinson's part on the butchery may appear to waste a lot. He didn't throw anything away! His focus wa on a stunning steak, a "Pave". All the non sinew "went" to the burger/sausage etc. destiny. Chef's approach to presentation of the meat.

Chris was perhaps more of the "traditional" slasher approach. Nothing wrong with it.

4. Makes me want to do better on what I achieve, only for my own sake.



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I would think that £38.15 for two discs of Chris Howard was very cheap.
Especially if you consider that they would have had to film for about 16 weeks to have enough footage left after the removal of his 'descriptive language'.