Two skinny "uberlaufer"


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A good friend of mine is on a holiday and asked me to look over his house, young heidewachtel dog and permission. Together with the man he leases the hunt with we went out for wild boar last monday. I also invited a collegae from work who just got his licence to have a look how wild boar hunting is done ;-D
I took the jeep and the dog along and parked in the wood at 17.15. We walked the last 400 meters to the high seat. There where 3 roe deer at the feeding area. We spied on them a while and then got on the high seat. In between i threw a couple of hands with mais around the feeding area. We have automatic feeders but they do not cover a large area. When a group of wild boar come they can be too close together and you cannot get a safe shot out. That is why i spread some more over a bigger area to get a better shot. We whispered about the roe and after several minutes they came back. Amongst them a big 6 pointer (unfortunately roe cannot be shot on this permission because it is leased from the foresty commision). We still where spying at the roe when we heard cracking from the right (17.45). Through our scenttrail created by the wind where coming 4 wild boar. This was very strange. I thought it were inexperienced big piglets, no sow was to be seen. The 4 directly went for the mais. I gathered the sow must have got wind of us and would warn the other boar soon. So i aimed quickly and shot a boar. All 4 took off, just before cover one dropped and the others stopped, i shot another one. It signed but took off with the other 3. We waited a while and then got the dog from the car. It did very well and retrieved both wild boar, one after a 50 meter trail search.
Both boar turned out to be around 20 months old (so no piglets) but very small and skinny, 19 kg and 23 kg. So good cull as these are normally weights for big piglets ! If you felt the back all the bones where sticking out.
I explained to my collegae that a double cull that quick is not very common with wild boar and that he is probably my lucky charm.