UK CIC and Blaser Rifles sponsorship


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Hi all, just to keep those who are interested up to speed on the latest news from the UKTEB. This is especially important for those who bring trophies for measurement at the CLA and Midland game fairs.

The UK Trophy Evaluation Board (CIC) is delighted to announce a ground-breaking sponsorship arrangement with Blaser Rifles. This agreement will enable the CIC trophy measuring team to conduct their normal service at the CLA Game Fair and the Midland Game Fair on the Blaser stand. For the first time the CIC team will be located in Gunmakers’ Row, acknowledged to be the heart of the CLA Game Fair and this will make it far easier to locate this essential trophy measuring service. In addition, it will also enable the public to view and appreciate the complexities associated with trophy measuring.

Blaser Rifles, already a main sponsor of the International CIC Organisation, is one of the premium rifle brands in the UK, and as such the new association at the two major English game fairs will ensure that the CIC TEB will continue to remain the premier authorised measuring service available to stalkers in this country. This advance in premium brand association, and in conjunction with Ridgeline clothing and the recent significant changes to the CIC Red Book (measuring manual), emphasises the Trophy Evaluation Board’s ability to adapt and improve their historical measuring service to stalkers both in the UK and worldwide.


Chris Rogers, on behalf of the UKTEB

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