Ultrasonic Cleaner


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If anyone is interested on Sunday 18 th Feb Aldi's are selling ultrasonic cleaners,£15.99,600 ml capacity,I got one a couple of years ago ,10-12 cases at a time ,they come out shiny inside and out .


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I bought one of those Ultra-sonic cleaners from Maplins last year but did not get any good results.
What is the secret, what liquid is best to use, I tried soda, squeezy liquid and bio washing powder and the cases came out not much different.


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I half fill mine with warm water put in a teaspoon of cream of tartar powder, I only ever put in ten or twelve cases, run it for three ,three minute cycles, brass comes out shiny. JC.



Thanks for this, i have got one.

I hope you are keeping well and getting out in the field a bit.

S Wampy


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Hi steve, alls well this end , same with you and yours I hope ,I found the cleaner ok as long as its not overloaded, yes I'm getting out most days,getting one or two ,was hoping for more does b4 the end of the season but as usual they have all phuqued off


Just tried the ultrasonic thing again with neet 5% viniger worked great.
bit smelly though !


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I use one of these at work with the chemical liquid never thought of it for cleaning cases would the residue from the liquid cause any problems with the powder or ignition temperatures?
otherwise seems a good way to start cleaning my brass.

Tikka 260

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You might try using citric acid crystals, tablespoon in a pint of water, no smell at all, and very effective even without an U/T machine .

You can get the citric acid crystals in Boots or any homebrew shop btw.

Just rinse off in warm soapy water , and then clear water to avoid any possible contamination which I believe is harmless anyway .




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Aldi are still selling ultrasonic baths and had plenty at £16. (Blackburn)
Followed Tikka 260 method using citric acid crystals, run three cycles and washed with hot water. excellent results

Picked up the crystals from Tescos.

If anybody is struggling and wants one let me know.



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I found a new use for mine the other day, the washer jet on the car was blocked and no amount of blowing through and poking with wire worked,

3 sessions in the ultrasonic and its been clear since. :lol: