Unbelievable Rubbish from the " transport minister "


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Anyone else see this dribble from one of Boris,s Green loons?.
I work 20 miles away on an industrial estate ,maybe 30 units employing several thousand from all over.
Shocking lack of public transport so no way any shift workers can go to work but our Lords and masters want to ban car ownership 😡


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All these people (Ministers, MPs, celebs etc have PR people paid to come up with headline grabbing shite like this in order to raise their profile.
It clearly works, as this thread proves. (No disrespect to the OP)


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Why should we go back to Victorian times because third world countries are breeding like flies?
Don't tell me the same old tale about those countries don't emit much C02, because they are all trying get to countries where they can drive BMWs and Mercs, given the chance.
If our politicians want to live in the stone age, they should move to Afghanistan.

Heym SR20

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And meanwhile the final piece of the Brexit wall is being put into place. On Saturday morning, by HMRC’s own estimations, the number of annual customs checks will rise from 45m to 250m thanks to HMRC starting to do checks on all goods received by the UK.

Now lets think of other government departments that have had big increase in pressure and how well they have done. Matt Hancock’s now Sajid Javid’s perhaps.


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Its a common belief of the folk inside the M25 bubble that the rest of the UK has a bus and train service the same as them. Their geographical knowledge of the world outside of the M25 is vague with some believing that Scotland is a small province a few miles north of Watford and Epping Forest is the "countryside."


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They closed my village railway station...did the Tories...in the 1960s with Dr Beeching. But they promised us buses would take their place. And for years we had three buses and hour. Then it was two an hour. Now it's one an hour. Every two hours on Saturday and none on Sunday and Bank Holidays. So folk started to use cars instead and then there's less people on the buses so it feeds on itself.


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They closed my village railway station...did the Tories...in the 1960s with Dr Beeching. But they promised us buses would take their place. And for years we had three buses and hour. Then it was two an hour. Now it's one an hour. Every two hours on Saturday and none on Sunday and Bank Holidays. So folk started to use cars instead and then there's less people on the buses so it feeds on itself.
I have to let off steam whenever I hear his name!



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Should be a great vote loser if publicized enough !

That's the issue! Right now, people simply haven't grasped the sheer scale of the changes that nearly all UK politicians have signed up to. They think that their houses will still be warm at reasonable cost; electric cars will be no different from internal combustion apart from the time it takes to charge them ......... and so on and so forth. After all, nearly every aspect of living has been pretty well continuously improved for most people since the the 19th century. It'll just carry on, but with some differences like a few hours to charge the car instead of 5 minutes at the filling station. In reality virtually every aspect of life as we know it is going to adversely affected and for the first time in living memory, those in power are signed up to making everybody worse off in real terms.

Already, the more honest people in the green movement are starting to come clean, and say that the issue of charging street side parked e-cars is a non-issue as there simply won't be anything like the numbers of cars or car-owners around now. (It's not just cars - the government's own climate change committee spokeswoman said on BBC4 a year or two back that everybody owning tools, or gardening equipment - and presumably washing machines and vacuum cleaners too - is a wasteful / proliferation of possessions that generate way too much carbon in their manufacture. We only need a single lawnmower per street and there will have to be share schemes for a vast range of tools, utensils, possessions we take for granted.) Use of a car will be an expensive hire (and road pricing?) job for special occasions only. Foot, bicycle, hired e-scooter, public transport will be the norm. Tough luck if you're elderly, in poor health, live in the remote countryside or wherever and need to get to the bank, shops, post office, school, doctor, hospital etc that have all been concentrated in fewer and fewer centres through other bean-counting policies. If you can't do it online, yet again 'tough!'. No wonder the gone and unlamented Matt Hancock thought that online diagnosis and GP consultations are great ideas and the way forward even after the pandemic ends. How many policy papers are being written though, or will be soon, in Whitehall about the changes needed to cope with people forced out of physical movement through loss of personal transport? Reopen rural railway lines and halts? Not a chance! In the present over-regulated H&S culture, even if Network Rail were efficient (which they're not), the costs of a simple two platform halt with a little bus shelter on each is astronomic. And .... today's safety regime says you can't have sleeper foot crossings with pedestrian-operated wicket gates to get to and from the far platform - you need a bridge and it has to be disabled person / wheelchair compatible. (That's half a million in itself!) Hourly (electric) buses to everywhere all day, every day? Who's going to pay for that? It's cheaper to give every passenger on these bus-routes and low-usage branch-line rail services their own Mini courtesy of the taxpayer. Oh, but that's where we came in - we don't want anybody to have private transport!

Rural folks are sleepwalking to disaster here. They seem 100% unaware of what's in store for them. Public discontent and the start of leaning on politicians is only taking place in the cities over the hated street closures and LTNs. This is the litmus test right now and greens / politicians will be watching outcomes like hawks. If greenwashed local authorities are allowed to keep these schemes with nothing more than occasional letters to local newspapers and grumbling, it's a green light for ever more intrusive changes and restrictions on freedoms. Sports and hobbies will in many cases be finished. The days of shooters walking to a local rifle range, anglers to the local river with minimal kit, even to the sole surviving local bowling or cricket club, are long gone . As Tackle & Guns trade magazine pointed out in a recent issue, carp anglers can't use cars anymore, they need a fair-sized van for all the gear they take. Think you're going to drive in a 4 X 4 from south of the border to a weekend stalking in Scotland, e-vehicle or otherwise? Oh no you won't unless rich or are somebody with special state provided privileges as in the old USSR.

Since every party is signed up to this agenda, and are well aware of the implications on personal freedom and standard of living, we need a modern day Nigel Farage and a radical new party to challenge what is fast becoming political orthodoxy that excuses state control over aspect of our lives.

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Yeah, Labour would be far better! 😳
It is a problem that who ever you vote for you get the Government and often with a majority that they can railroad things through.
Perhaps, and I know this will be unpopular, we need to rethink or electoral system and have Proportional representation. This would mean that changing electoral boundaries will have minimal effect, parties would have to work together for the good of the public rather than their mates.
It works in other countries and the impact on the Lib Dems of not keeping their promise on tuition fees will be a reminder to each party what happens if you are elected and don’t keep your promises.
People don’t like change but clearly our present electoral system promotes elitism and allows agendas to be pushed through without proper transparency and debate. Particularly for those outside of the M25 or the promised land of the SE.

Just a thought.