Under 17 using an estate rifle


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Just wondering how many people knew that its illegal to use an estate rifle if you are under 17. im fourteen and just got my dads .243 on my liceance for deer control whenn with a competant stalker. i think this must be one of the most little known laws in the book, as cheshire police advised me to gain expereiance by using an estate rifle.... ohh dear me i do understand that it was probably a secretry that advised me to do this :eek: , so i dont blame the police that much

i just thought people should know this,

thanks sam


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Good on you Sam and good luck mate! Fight the good fight mate, you never know, by the time the Law takes any notice you may be old enough to use that rifle! :eek: :confused: Joking aside mate, all power to you and don't take no for an answer! ;)


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You are quite right Sam most wouldn't know that fact, though BASC point it out on their website. It's a little less easy to find in the guidance to police document though.