Understanding quickload data

Defender 130

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Decided to buy myself quickload to take a chunk of the guesswork out of selecting potential components for reloading for the Bergara 300 win mag I have recently bought

So far I am just managing to input data and get load suggestions out which just leave me with more questions

I was going with 180 gr soft point boat tails and have been altering charge weights and powders to see what effect it has on % powder burnt and ballistic efficiency and couldn't get much better than 25 to 27 % on ballistic efficiency even with 99 or 100% powder burn

Then I changed bullet choice to a 225 gr and with Hodgdon H4350 it is giving 100% burn and now over 30% ballistic efficiency

A couple of YouTube vids I have watched seem to indicate a 30% ballistic efficiency is as good as it gets and as close as possible to this is what should be aiming for

So is it generally a case of heavier bullets give greater powder burn and ballistic efficiency

Will it make the slightest bit of difference in real terms to either me pulling the trigger or whatever is on the receiving end if I use a lighter bullet with less efficiency behind the powder burn or a heavier bullet allowing a more efficient burn

Why do the heavier bullets give better figures or is it simply extra weight gives more pressure needed to shift them resulting in a more efficient burn

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