Unexpected Christmas present from Police

paul o'

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buy a new one then keep the other three to exchange for more rifles 141's when your ready :-|:lol:


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I added a .17 mod some time ago and when the ticket came back, it just had an extra slot for a generic .17 calibre rifle ha ha. I did for a second consider a new unmoderated .17 Fireball but I told them about their error immediately. It was a PITA as I had already ordered the mod and was waiting to pick it up. Cert had to go back for correction before I could pick my mod up. They did turn it around quick though (same cannot be said for the initial variation)


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Always bet to tell the police, had the same last renewal, I sold a hornet a few years back, it was removed from my license when I had sent it back to buy my 6.5 but the variation returned on the new license. It was removed and license back in a week.