Unusual Roe Buck Antler


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A photo of this animal was sent to me from Germany for my opinion and I have been given permission to post it on the site. Initial abnormality is the left pedicle developed in the wrong position.There is no evidence it developed in the correct place originally. It was lower down the frontal bone towards the orbicular rim ( bony bit round the eye ) Obscured vision on this side ? This would have made it more vulnerable to injury than usual hence the fracture as marked. The pedicle has the ability to heal without a callus. The infraorbital nerve emerges at the medial canthus of the eye as marked. Query ?? subject to injury at the time of fracture. The auriculopalpebral nerve serves the lateral canthus of the eye before sending branches up the pedicle to the developing antler ( in velvet ) damage to this would result in multiple nerves.Thus all the tines as multiple nerves and blood vessels in the velvet. Sorry for technical explanation but necessary if need be come back for simplification and I will try again.


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HPIM0562+LR.jpg IMG_2286.jpg Very similar to this one. There was no damage to the pedicle though. The left antler has seven points on it. The buck was taken in East Yorkshire several years ago.


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interesting photo's keep them coming, good write up morena, spoke to mike at calton moor last year when i got a big stag with deformed antlers he said someone was writing a book on the subject but not heard any more, anyone else know if such a book has been published?


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