Unusuall way to call a buck



This summer i was facing a problem with deer crossing between cover and a wood. the oly clean standing shots that were presenting were being spoiled by a smallish Gorse sapling.
I resolved to remove the ofending sapling, i had the landowners consent for this by the way.
it was a bit of a weedy thing and i put the sole of my boot against it and started to work it loose.
Out of the wood came The terrotory holding Buck, and stood some twenty yards from me angered by the intusion but supprised to find a stalker not a rival buck thrashing the bush.
Cut a long story he found his way into the freezer!
Heard of the Yanks doing similar but does anyone have regular sucess with this?


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I was told by a friend to rattle a set of antlers, this certainly worked. The same friend said that if you find the right tree, bush to thrash it. Haven't tried it as antlers work for me. PS Didn't shoot the buck, as he was the best on the property. But it was fantastic seeing him charge ofver the feild.


Yes i remember seeing an article on this in the states, i think it was about whitetails and had a photo of this geezer sitting behind a bush knocking two sets of antlers togrther.


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Richard Prior tells a tale about an old stalker who learnt him that trick.

He kicked the leaves and branches from below the tree he had decided to call from to see if there were any bucks close by....

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There was an article in the BDS mag a year or two ago about a fellow who tried rattling antlers during the fallow rut. Apparently he spend an unhappy time cowering in his bush while a big fallow buck beat several shades of something out of it! So apparently it does work ..........