Up close and personal

Well it was a nice evening last night with blue skies and even the sun putting in an appearance so I called my mate and asked it he wanted sit out on the edge of a piece of woodland that he shoots.

On arrival there was a doe and kid already out on the stubble adjacent the wood which we observed for around 10 mins before they sauntered back into the wood.

I then picked my spot and got laid in position to see if anything else would emerge. 5 Mins later another doe emerged with twins this time and they casually fed down the field away from us.

It was now 7.45pm and I was starting to lose hope when another doe appeared from my right hand side , I was beginning to think it wasnt my night when I noticed this doe had a buck in attendance.

Now the fun began as the deer were only 15 yards from me and my rifle was positioned at 10 o clock with the deer being at 2 o clock. There was no way I could move and just had to sit it out hoping the buck would move into a shootable position.

I didnt dare breathe , my heart was pounding and I hoped my mate wouldnt get itchy either. The buck kept looking in my direction but he was looking into a darkened wood so couldnt see anything.

Then another doe emerged and casually walked right up to us stopping literally 4 yards from us, I thought it was all over as Im sure she would notice us. But no she ambled down the field and then the buck started to move. He inched into my line of fire and I dropped him on the spot with a low neck shot.

I was ecstatic as although Ive shot hundreds of deer this had to be one of the most exciting being so close and personal !!!!Shot at 12 yards ......



Ade 30-06

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Good job he was only 12 yards away, with that excitement you could have missed him from 15 . I'm shaking so much reading it that my bitter has turned into a creamflow now ! Is that powder burns I see on his on his neck, hmmm me'thinks it could be.

Congratulations from Wales

Ade 30-06