Up to Finnland!

Hi All!
My friend Heini and me got back from another fantastic swap hunt with our lads from Finnland.:D
Sorry to our hosts Sakari, Aki and Timo for my late post about it, but after being away for several hunts the last weeks, it was bloody much work left to do the last week....:doh:

OK, after having Aki and Sakari over here for some hunts in November 2011, this time it was our turn for a return swap hunt. Usually our english lads Wayne and Andy should be with us, but because of family reasons, it didnt work out...:rolleyes:

We flew in from Düsseldorf to Tampere, via Helsinki, and got picked up by Aki and Sakari.
A short drive later we arrived at the local shooting range, where we almost immediately started trying their guns and fired a few rounds on the standing and running moose...
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Also we didnt do "perfect", it seemed to be enough for getting out on the real hunt!

Then off to Sakaris lovely home, checkin in our bedroom for the next couple of days, meeting his lovely family and the first beer... Preparing for a great dinner afterwards...

There we met Timo, another lad from the local hunting club, who would also join us during the next days.
We learned quick enough, always powered by another good drink, about the hunting plans for the next couple of days:

Getting out on (mainly) highseats about minimum 1 hour before sunrise (why the hell, its f... dark...?) or before sunset and wait for the expected whitetails to show up...
There were restrictions on the number and size of stags to shoot, so we learned the rules about it.

A few more beers later, time to sleep, and time to get up, much too early again...

I got placed on a large meadow, right on the lake shore, lovely place, Sakari texted me about one deer already bedded down on the field, but when it got daylight, there was nothing to see left...

It went like this the next days, our hosts tried their best to make every day a special day: We went fishing, clay pigeon shooting, enjoyed the finnish sauna, some more beer of course, visited the local hunting store... A very strong shedule, perfect, mates!!

Of course, we also continued hunting...

It was Heini getting the first whitetail calf:
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A few more beers (you know already...) later and the next afternoon, it was Heini again, this time a spiker:
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On Thursday afternoon we had a little driven hunt, very exciting, I had a six-pointer passing by very closed, too bad, it wasnt on the menu...
The weather changed during that day, winter came in rapidly:
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All the efforts from our Finnish friends didnt work out that day, we drew a blank, but still had a funtastic time being out there!

This last evening I was ordered to another highseat in this area, where there should be a lot of activity... I settled in early again, saw a lot of fresh tracks in the fresh snow and sure enough, a group of 4 whitetails showed up!
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I decided to take the smallest calf out of this group and after an obviously endless moment I was able to get a clear shot on it!

So happy campers again, me finally bagging my first whitetail!

You may believe, the evening celebration went the same way as some evenings before, so everybody was quite happy to find the way to bed finally...

After all, a superb trip, some extraordinary hospitality, very keen and good hunters, a very elegant deer species and a lot of fun sharing the moments of hunting together!!

​So guys, Thanks again, we had a funtastic time, hope to see you in Germany next season again!!
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Nice one mate glad you guy's had fun with Aki and Sakari especially "Heini the whitetail slayer":D

Sorry I had to cancel, hopefully next year, be good to catch up with them again did you take any schnapps I now how much Aki loves it


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I recognise that fireplace and those dodgy looking Finns! Did Sakari produce a dubious parcel of cooked meat from the depths of the firepit? It was about -10 the last time I was sitting there and we were celebrating nine whitetail bucks in two days of hunting.

I'm off hind stalking and rough shooting with all three of them in Scotland in a couple of weeks - which will be fine as long as I'm not picking up the bar bill, as those boys can drink!



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Thanks Guys!

Adam, now I know, why they cut down the numbers of bucks... You got them all!:doh:
Of course we got the firepit cocked meat, those guys were ill for days...:drool:
I think, they were really happy after we left, some time to recover, before invading Scotland!
Good luck with them, good boys, great fun and company!:thumb:


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Hi Michael,

Sounds like a great trip. Wayne and I will eventually make it and it would be good if you and Heini were there too.

See you next year.

All the best,



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Hi Andy!
It would be my extraordinary pleasure to be there together with you!
Ohh, I imagine all of us in the Finnish sauna.... Maybe a bit too closed...:scared: So it may be me, taking Akis wife for an extra trip to the sauna....:coat: