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I have been requested to write up how to upload film footage/pictures onto here as many out there will have footage/pictures on either Digi Cameras or Mobile Phones.

First before anything, you need to put the pictures/video onto your computer via the cable supplied or by bluetooth link, whatever you have. Create a folder that you will use. I have one called "Stalking" this has all my stalking/shooting pictures/videos in it, I have it on my "Desktop" as a shortcut.

This is how I do it.

Get a Photobucket account. It's free and user friendly.


Once you have your account you can start to manage your albums online. Big bonus of this is that if your computer gets broken/renewed/stolen, whatever, you will not lost the pics you have uploaded.

Once you have an account, when you log on you will go to your album page. In bold writting, it asks-

Upload Images & Videos

Below this there is an empty box and below that there is a selection box that askes you to "Reduce To", select 640x480. This will ensure that when you post the pics on the web that you will not need to move the screen from left to right, to read the text or see the complete picture/video. I have done it, and I'm sure others will have done it also, it is just annoying when reading posts.

It also has a "Choose Files" live link box, click on this and a box will pop up on your screen. Select the place where the video/picture is.

So for me it's "Desktop", that then opens another box that has all my "Desktop" folders in it. I scroll down untill I find the folder I want "Stalking", I click on that, then all my pictures/videos come up.
I then select the picture/video. It will automatically start to upload onto the "Photobucket" site. It has a % completed bar so you can see how quick or slow it's doing it.

Once it's complete, you will see your pic/video in the Photobucket album.

Below the picture it will give you various options-

Email & IM
Direct Link
IMG Code

To post the pic/video onto the forum, all you need to do is, click the box that has the IMG Code in it, it will turn yellow and say a pop up will appear that says "Copied", you then go to the post you are writting, right click the mouse button and scroll down to "Paste", click on this and some thing similar for pictures to this will go onto you post-


For video footage it will look similar, but longer.

Then either preview your post, which is what I normally do, so I'm happy with it, then submit you post and the pictures will appear on the screen.

That's it folks. It seems alot of work, but it's not, I'm no computer geek. I would suggest if, you are struggling, then print this off and follow each step.

Hope that helps everyone. Please don't PM or add to this saying you can't do it, Photobucket does change it's appearence every now and again, so the screen may look slightly different in 2 months to how they look now, but the process will be the same.


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Thanks for that Tartinjock. Its important that we use all the technology available to us on the site and that the members know how to use it.

Many thanks, i'll give it a go! :D


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photos on sight

I have printed of you instrutions and will be having a go myself as my youngest son only helps me when it suits him or he wants some thing . He does it that fast i cant follow him i thank you for this and hope even with my dum **** knowledge of computers i can progress . MUDDY


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Hi tartinjock

Thanks I hope this works Have tried to do this a number of times

My son Seb and me SA 2006 with his Warthog



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not sure what you wanted to happen smithy ,
but if it was to post a picture then you did it and a nice one at that
well done hope to see a few more mate ;)
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