Urban Roe Deer Immunocontraception Population Control - Yes or No?


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Andy..the North West may be a hot spot but i think you will find it is an issue outside of the urban areas [especially with RTC's] for the reasons pointed out by others on here...

can you tell me what the current management plans/techniques are around urban areas...i'm not sure there are any thats all so no one would be able to answer that question. it will probably be a two pronged issue - landowners responsibility and Council responsibility. Around my area WLBC dont have any firm plan [no numbers of deer], the rangers at Upholland do cull deer around the Beacon area on their land but not due to RTC's or damage, rather just to maintain a healthy population.

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don't :ban: him, let him prove his case or keep us entertained in trying to do so.

widows son

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A little extra funding?? how about 74,000 RTAs per annum? 134 serious and 20 fatal .... £17million per year estimated insurance cost per annum? (BDS, 2009). 70% of these happen in urban areas where the council are too scared to cull deer because of public opposition ... hows that for a reason?

Why would the FC allocate millions of tax payers £ to research Deer Immunocontraception if it will never work? are they stupid?

Sure urban foxes are accountable for large amounts of young deer but obviously not enough with the rise in deer numbers in recent years!
To be blatant on your thread its the BDS you want to direct you research too ,they are the so called, Deer charity, so far within this thread Ive not read anything to show you've actually done any work toward your," own Thesis" this is meant to be your degree not ours , hard work doesn't come easy.

You then pitch up on a predominately Deer Stalking site to ask what we think , had you actually read some of the past topics within the site you'd actually see, there are Stalkers on the site who would like to Stalk and shoot Roe deer with out the interference of man medaling in nature , as has been shown in murmurous cases throughout the UK educational establishments and laboratories.

Had you contacted the Admin with reference to you dissertation ,had they introduced you on the site people may just have had a input/output as part of you thesis, I and other on here may have taken you far more seriously, there is a Vet on the site, that takes on most of the questions of this matter who may just have seen through the transparency of your questions quicker than most.

Starting off with who you are where you study could actually get you further than it has already .
Ohh well i am afraid i have to leave now, having a life is hard.

i thank all the professional members that had some constructive criticism to put forward, it is much appreciated ... all you other neanderthals i could not care less


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'Unfortunately you can talk all you like about a "flawless vaccine", given the problems encountered elswhere in other trials we know there is no such thing' - they did it with humans

I thought we were talking about Immunocontraceptives in "vaccination" form? Where there is no proven satisfactory way to innoculate transitory populations of deer (or boar) safely, unless you have miraculously solved the delivery problem that has thwarted the CSL at Weston Under Penyard?

No I thought not!

Their grant was not millions either, if you go on the website it actually gives the figure. I would have thought, given your research, you would have known, "young man"?

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Ohh well i am afraid i have to leave now, having a life is hard.

i thank all the professional members that had some constructive criticism to put forward, it is much appreciated ... all you other neanderthals i could not care less
found out and :dummy:


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I notice you using BDS info and deciding where hotspots were from their findings. Although it is probably all that you have to go on, it is not necessarily the most accurate document. I was one of the people collating the information for the highlands and believe me, I think I had less than 0.01% reported to me.

Do I think that deer can be managed in an urban area...........Yes to an extent.

Whose fault is it if there are these numbers in urban areas? Local government and landowners.

Paul at Fechan

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grow up,

IC is nonsence, end of story. You need to understand the dynamic relationship between those who in a practiced way care about the welfare and future of deer in the UK against the people who simply don't understand and want to reduce the deer problem with pixie dust. IC is good for political stalling because 'you've committed resources to solving the problem' instead of admitting it's a problem you don't have a solution to.

You don't understand .... yet


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i actually dont think his was a troll
just a misguided individual asking for help, but had no clue on how to go about it the right way
then got caught up in the moment and got his just deserves for his ongoing actions
there are ways and means to attaining info from this site and it's members
this was not the way in my opinion
we seem to be a helpful bunch and always willing to help when we can
but fools we are not
stake a fair claim and reap the benefits
i feel that is the only way, others may think different but it is worth a try as your way has not worked
Only a fool would request views on immunocontraception of deer without expecting of a lot of anger from those who control deer practically and humanely. The waste of public money on this far out nonsense serves only to pander to the objectives of a vocal minority and the politicians that represent them. Such money could be better spent on real welfare issues affecting deer such as road design.

Here in Ireland it is expected that the Green Party will succeed in banning the Ward Union Stag Hunt in north County Dublin following a massive waste of political time in a disastrous coalition government. (GP is are a very small political party who entered coalition to form a government on the tightest of numbers) It has been pointed out by the pro hunting campaign that a minimal number of stags have been killed as a result of the activities of the only licensed stag hunt in Ireland compared to approx 50 fallow deer killed per anum by motor vehicles in Dublin's Phoinex Park. The Green Party are not very concerned by the plight of Phoinex Park herd as the solution involves a more assertive culling campaign. The Green Party are more interested in telling some chaps not to run around the country on horses. You can see which issue is going to get the votes from their target audience.

A bit off subject I know but the example serves to illustrate the point that issues of deer welfare should not be prioritised on the basis of pacifying ranting looneys who campaign to misinform the public.

Interestingly John Gormley the leader of the Green Party said in interview a couple of years ago that other alternatives such as contraception were being investigated with good results on the control of deer numbers. With idiots like him having such political power, it's small wonder that good money after bad can be thrown around on nonsense like 'IC'. I'll add my name to the list of people mad at the suggestion.


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Now you have ripped into the lad as to where he went wrong in his approach to glean the information he requires , and hopefully he has seen the errors of his ways perhaps now someone may be prepared to come forward and assist him without crapping down his back.

The only way that someone is able to aquire any knowledge is either to ask questions or read or to learn from mistakes and experience, as the lad obviously hasnt obtained the latter through his age ,the only other options are the first two.
Knowledge is being denied the lad here, My son has recently obtained a degree in Engineering and he had to ask questions as part of his syllabus , and I would not like to think he was refused/treated in the same manner as this lad has been treated in his request so come on be fair with the lad and at least try to help him.
Look upon him as it could be your offspring wanting help.



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Stu...i think most of his points have been covered now, if he has any questions he is welcome to post up.... his original question of

Would you, the stalking community, support and/or carry out an immunocontraceptive population control on Deer if it was in an environment unsuitable for the use of firearms?"

needed more precise information before a proper answer could be given i think....1. support and/or carry out - how does he invisage it being done in the first place? for us to be able to give our opinions, 2. What environment does he suggest is unsuitable for the use of firearms - as many have said almost all areas i know of are suitable for some form of firearm?

I am sure if he genuinely wants to start a debate on this people will post up....he may be better off posting up his background as to how he came up with the study and question - i think i have asked a number of pertinent questions in my posts that may give a start but he hasnt answered any of them as yet.....

think he has been scared off now anyway!!??