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Hello all.
With the kind permission of admin i have been allowed to advertise my new website on the forum.(i presume i`ve put it in the right place)
I`d love for this to go global to promote game as a food of the future, so if you or your wife/husband would like to join, add your favourite recipies i will be eternally gratefull.
If you have a relative or friends overseas, please tell them about the forum so we can all learn from each other about the different ways we prepare, cook and present our food.
Thanks, basil.


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I have had a look at your site and I dont get it. :confused: I thought it was going to be recipes! :cry:


Looks like a fun site but it's a bit sexist isn't it :confused:
"Free and fun games for girls to play online" ..... what about all us boys that like to dabble in the kitchen ;)


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It seems there is two sites with the same name. I`m in the process of sorting the problem asap.
I thought things were going to well to be true!!


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It transpires there are two sites now with the same name so i`ve changed mine. It`s now www.cookingwithgame.info
I`m still experiencing teething problems but i`ll get there. One of them being, if you put the web address in, it can`t find the site but google it and it goes straight to it!! I`m trying to find out why.


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That's better, all them silly games, all you need now is for all the gourmet members to fill it full of good recipes.



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The games were funky and will keep people on the site, esp as you have more than one game they'll book mark to pay the rest later.

I'd put them in a different section but leave them on there.

Can't get the new link to work?


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Did anyone see what to eat now on BBC 2 (Mon night 8.30pm) has a few nice game recipes on it (and even a little bit of Highland stalking for Red stags!)

There's a bit more info on here, you will be able to watch it again on BBC i-player for a little while, and I'm guessing that the recipe's will be on the site too.



Pete E

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Thanks for that, it was very interesting...The only thing I disagree with is that he promotes venison as an autumn dish, when in fact it can be considered seasonal 365 days a year.

Having said that, its really great to see all these various TV chefs promoting game and game shooting. Several times over the last year, people where I work have actually mentioned venison and stalking in reference to these cookery shows, and each time its been in a very positive manner...




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I agree Pete, I was pleased to see them show stalking a good light too - showing at least a little bit of effort going into finding the right position and getting close enough, and mentioning the ethics etc a couple of times, such as the importance of good shot placement, a quick, humane death, him not taking a shot that he wasn't happy with etc.

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