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Sold: US Optics SN-3 - 3.2-17x X44mm

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P8290003.jpg P8290004.jpg P8290005.jpg P8290006.jpg P8290007.jpg P8290008.jpg P8290009.jpg P8290010.jpg P8290011.jpg For sale is a US Optics SN-3 3.2-17X X 44mm scope complete with mounts and honeycomb sunshade.

full details are as below.

Model SN-3
Parallax Control ERGO
Power 3.2-17x
Objective 44mm Low profile
Tube 35mm
Colour Matte Black Type 111 Hard Anodizing
Eye Piece Lo Profille Rapid Focus
Reticle Mil Scale GAP
Knob Elevation EREK 1/10 MIL
Knob Windage US#1 1/10 Mil

Less than 100 shot count.

I believe that all US Optics scopes carry a lifetime guarantee but would recommend you check with the company.

Looking for £1300 delivered mainland UK

I just checked the paperwork and yes it does come with a lifetime warranty.

As this is not an inexpensive purchase if any prospective buyer would like to get another member of SD who is more local to me to examine the scope, before committing to purchase, I would be more than happy

Price dropped to £1300

Would prefer a swap for a Swaro of equivelant value with Plex Reticle

Further price drop to £1000 delivered UK
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Mil scale GAP reticle

[h=4]MIL Scale GAP Reticle[/h]The MIL Scale GAP Reticle in the LR-17 features full MIL and ½ MIL hash marks that are laid out in a clean display. The full MIL hash marks are numbered every 2 MILs for quick and easy reference. The hash marks represent a total of 9 MILs of adjustment below the horizontal axis; 4 MILs of adjustment above the horizontal axis and 4 MILs of adjustment to the left and right of the vertical axis.
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