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I am tring to get some brass cases for a rifle that I own but am struggling to find any in this country. However they are plentyful an I have located some in the usa. How do I go about importing these if poss or is there to much red tape. I ave tryied to get an answer from the bloke in the us but he seems unsure what to do :confused:

Offroad Gary

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you could try asking this guy on ebay, he's in the us and sells a lot of brass, he might be able to help.



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I think a US export licence is needed to get brass out of the US, these were $300 ish last year.

Easiest to get someone who is bringing stuff in regularly such as Norman Clarke of Rugby or maybe Callum Fergusson at PRS to tac some onto his orders. I assume you have looked at Midway UK?.

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