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Hi all

im in America at present and looking to treat myself. Was looking at binos and a scope ? Any suggestions ? Seen some Redfield binos and bushnell ones not look to spend a fortune as wife will kill me !! Also scopes ?



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Hi, would recommend taking a look at Vortex stuff. Where in the states are you? I've bought stuff from Cameraland in New York in the past and they normally have a sale on at this time of year.
I've got Vortex binos and a rangefinder, which I have to say I'm well impressed with.


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If you are able to order and get items delivered to your location I would highly recommend a call into Scott at Liberty Optics (assuming he has something you are interested in of course!). He carries Sightron, Bushnell, Vortex as well as some high end glass. He is absolutely spot on to deal with and takes care of his customers. Europtics are also stand up guys to deal with as well.

Just be careful if anything 'tactical' takes your fancy - some of the tactical scopes / rangefinders are covered by ITAR (even though they are available in the UK) - you're unlikely to get caught but if you were it could be confiscated.

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Flag a cab and tell the driver to take you to Bass Pro Shops and find what you like. ~Muir

I went to Bass Pro outside Toronto once. It was so big that it was on Bass Pro Road. It was so big that there was an entire department for boats, and I missed it, it was pointed out to me afterwards. It was so big that they hung aeroplanes from the roof for decoration and used stuffed moose, bears and elk as a frieze along the top of the wall. They had a three piece suite upholstered in Realtree cammo, and Disney Princess fishing tackle.

Incidentally, the best magazine they had was Outdoor Canadian. The US ones tended to be full of macho blustering about how big their rifles were, how long shots were, and the spirit of them didn't resonate with me. I bought all of them in Bass Pro to keep me entertained on the trip.