For Sale: Used brass cases, 45/70, 223 and 308, collect from Sittingbourne, North Kent or posted, your choice.


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Hello Everyone,

Would anyone be interested in the following?

160 x 308 GGG once fired brass cases - £25 per 100 or £40 for the 160 cases including P&P.

80 x 308 Sako once forward brass cases. = £20.00 including P&P.

Having a clear out of my surplus reloading gear, as I need to reduce my “extras”.

All 308 cases come in their original boxes.

Cash on collection or “paypal”, which ever his best for you and I.

Cheers, be lucky, shoot straight, stay healthy. Andy P.
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How much for the 'Approximately 80 Brand New and a further 80 x 45/70 Star-line once fired brass cases', posted ?
Hello Maverick61,

Sorry for the delay in answering, working at moment and not able to check my phone, I’ve PM you some information,

Thank you, Andy P.


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If you could PayPal me the money, I’ll pack them later tonight and pop them in the post to you tomorrow.

Please don’t forget to reply to my PM with your full name and address, Thank you, Andy P.