Useful Info?


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sorry drew
but as i hav never trained a deer dog before looking at this site has me completely stumped (i hav trained a few hunting dogs though)
i am better off listening to the likes of mark h and sikamalc they talk my language they seem to know how a deer dog should operate no offence to other dog trainers or deer dog owners on this site


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Its not a bad bit of information but its not been written very well. I have never heard the term 'Reporting' before. Another website calls Bavarian Montain bloodhounds - sweat hounds.
Usually this comes from bad translation of some cut and paste continental artical.

However its better than a poke in the eye I suppose.



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I wonder if Reportage is a loose translation of the German Totverheller which is a dog trained to bark it has found the deer.


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I find it takes the dog a while to get back carrying its note pad, cassette recorder and pen



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There are three ways that a dog may report:
1)Bringsel reporting - the dog brings back a bringsel (leather rod) when it finds the deer.
2)Barking - the dog stays the deer and barks until the handler arrives.
3) Showing - the dog returns to the handler having found the deer and excitedly circles the handler until he follows it to the deer.

All of these are very useful when a deer has been wounded and run off.

If you require further explantion about this or other matters relating to Bavarian's have a look at

or contact me through my own site at;

Alison, Bavarian Mountain Hound Society Committee member.


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informantive site

Hi paint and pins, thats an informative site and I must say i love the look of them dogs.