V135 for Sub 50gr .224 cal for a 222rem loads

Alex L

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I have a good stock of V135, but can't find any load data for it being used on Bullet grain weights bellow 50gr, want to load some Nosler 40gr BT Varmint and 35gr Barnes VG

Any one had a go or am I just cashing my tail and better getting some v120 or v133?

Also have some RL15 in the cupboard that is popular in 223 cal loader?


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I've used N135 with Speer 45 gr SP ( 22 gr at 920m/s MV).
Am using it now with Fox 45 gr lead free bullets (21.7 gr at 960 m/s and 23.1 gr at 1010 m/s).


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Running V135 in the online internal ballistics simulator P-Max indicates that it is really too slow in this cartridge for anything but the heaviest bullets. Even then, a glance at the Vihtavuori manual shows loads which are stuffed to the brim. V135 is really too slow for this cartridge and for light bullets, much of the powder will be unburnt, which is rather a waste considering the price of the stuff these days.


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Viht don’t even list N135 for anything except 55gns and above. My goto fox recipe is N120 and 40 or 50 gns - devastating rounds.