A friend of mine is going over to SA to hunt/have an adventure in the Karoo. He asked me if he needed any vaccinations - I'm not sure.

There are a few members here who have been over so please help. I don't want to say 'no' only to find he contracts something nasty and disfiguring.



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The answer is yes.

Hepatitis A
Anti malarials

These can be obtained from the GP who will check the area guidelines and prescrible vaccinations as appropriate.



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Hi Butch,
To follow on from MarkH, which is spot on,
Remember have the Hepatitis A booster after six months,
Also regards anti malaria’s, After consultation with my GP at what they now call a Travel Clinic I used tablets with the least side affects, These are taken daily, They are also the most expensive @ £90 from a course of 20 days but this will vary from GP to GP,
If your friend needs any further info If he plans to take is own rifle,e.g. SA520 which you can have ready complete on your arrival saving loads of time or export permit issues, or the procedures in general departing the UK to leaving SA on his return
Please PM with contact details and I will speak to him.