value of blaser mount?


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Just bought a nice little Zeiss 1.5-6x42 scope which came with a one piece blaser tip off mount and 30mm rings fitted.
rings and screws look like new unmarked, the base has a couple of tiny marks on it so it isn't new.
what sort of value would I put on these for a sale thread?


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I will give you £100 for it.

Ho Ho If that's the way it's going I'll offer £125.00 :D.

In seriousness, If it is a Genuine Blaser mount, new they are the best part of £350.00+ but they change hands used between £200.00 and £250.00 but recently there are some copies made in Hungary which are just as good, new for between £200.00 and £225.00 so the price you get will depend on the buyer.


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Seen a few going on here in the region of 250, but they were in vgc so depends on the condition of yours I guess.


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I'll take a bunch of pictures and see what the consensus is on origins/value
thanks guys

I wil sell it as I doubt very much I'll be buying a Blaser anytime soon