Vanishing Ducks


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What can happen in very wet weather when you get standing water on fields and meadows etc is that the snail called Truncatula is activated, this becomes a natural food bonus and draw for ducks. If your land is a place where there is a problem with liver fluke ( Fasciola) the snail is the vector and is part of the life cycle. To have ducks feeding on the snail is no bad thing as it can greatly reduce the fluke burden on the land :tiphat:


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U also see them feasting on drowned worms in the splashes esp on grass fields.

Not often my part of scotland is drier than anywhere, but no splashes about the now, fields just the usual sodden skittery mess but no splashes.

Been on a duck day today with mutts and some decent numbers of duck on the ponds.

I think with the otters at this time off year it's not so much the kills but the sheer stress and panic they cause

Heym SR20

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Ducks, along with Geese, are migratory as a species. Given the onset of rain, shorter days and colder your ducks that you have carefully will bugger off southwards.

Meanwhile we will soon be invaded by lots that have been carefully nutured up in the Artic or further North in Scotland and they will soon arrive fairly soon. They might look like your ducks, but if you listen carefully they will be quacking Geordie, Scottish, Orcadian, or Russian.

Your ducks will now be at the mercy of Dutch, French, German and Spanish hunters.

note: Brexit will not be able to prevent our ducks leaving nor immigrant ducks arriving much to Boris, Rees-Moggs and Goldsmiths disgust.