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Richard Parsons

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I had an odd moment a few weeks back when I called at the Licensing Dept. to collect my varied certificate. Before they handed it back I was told that the manager may want a word with me because he thinks Im a firearms dealer. Reason is, I have had 11 variations in the last 4 1/2 years, some for additional rifles, some 'one for ones' as guns I have bought turn out not to be what I wanted or expected. Other variations have been to remove conditions etc. Is there a limit or something? I said sorry for all the paperwork etc. , but hey, I have had at least 25 cars in my life and I'm not Arthur Daley am I ? I felt quite annoyed at the time, and now I want to go back to a bolt action .22 and ditch the semi auto I feel a bit shy about approaching them at HQ. Any advice welcome folks. ( I always lose out on the part ex so Id be a lousy dealer anyway!! )


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there's no limit. Don't worry about asking for another one for one. There is a different set of rules and fees for RFDs i expect they were just checking. it's no great shakes.



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It is actually an offence to trade in by way of business fireams or shot guns without being registered as a "Firearms Dealer". The problem is that in the UK you can't "try before you buy".

So you can't try it until you've purchased it and if it turns out to be "a lemon" naturally you want to get rid of it to try ad be luckier next time.

As an example I went through FIVE OR SIX secondhand Zeiss-Jena ZF telescopic sights (all identical) in three months until I found TWO that I felt I was confident I wanted to keep. And of course sold the others to get back the money.

Only you know what you are and aren't doing. There is not a limit but maybe an explanation of why you are getting rid of "X" to replace it with "Y" might help.
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