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Hi everyone been reading this sight for a while now and can't believe how friendly it seems so i've took the plunge and registered! now can i ask a question to all those experienced peeps out there? okay here goes, I hold an fac but sold my 308 and 243 a couple of years back.basically now i'm looking to get back into the sport and need to send in for a variation. Now at the moment i have no where to stalk do i need to find some where and get a permission letter ie pay for accompanied stalking,or can i just send it in for a straight variation without letter, My police force is Staffordshire i do hold DMQ 1 and the old stalkers certificates including the Advanced. i don't just want to send it in and get a load of hassle. My fac runs out in 12 months and i don't intend surrendering it.
Next question can anyone recommend any accompanied stalking around leicstershire, worcestershire i know i've got to pay which i'm happy to. Was thinking about that outfit but thankfully you lot have put me off and saved me some money.Thanks for any help i await your replies. :)


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FAC variation

Hi Normski,
You don`t say at what stage your license was at, i.e had it got a restriction on it to say that you had to go accompanied for so long, or was it an open ticket. If you have to go accompanied then you are best going with a reputable stalker who will write a letter of competence for you once you have been a number of times, this is something that i have done in the past for ex clients which has helped them out towards there open ticket. When you do this put down quite a few dates on your license, possibly a dozen dates and then this will stop the hassle of contacting your firearms officer everytime you go, you won`t need to go everytime maybe 6 or 7 of them. hope this has been a little for you.

thanks for the replies,my FAC gives me permission to shoot where ever the land has been passed by the chief constable of police i'm query is because i sold my guns and now want another do i need some where to go with a letter first or can i simply book some paid stalking once i have the variation and obtained another rifle,thanks.


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If you just apply for the variation to acquire them and you have the same calibre on your ticket now then it will be a paperwork exercise. Where it asks where you will use the rifles write "land over which i have permission or on invite" or something like that. remember to apply for moderators for the calibres in question as well.

You could talk to Dave Stretton from Donnington Deer Park, he might take you out and that is reasonably close. Or Minsterly ranges a bit further over on the Shropshire border, they have accompanied Fallow ground.
I'm interested in your comment on , have people had bad experiences ?


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I am a bit confused here, you are still the holder of a firearms certificate but no firearms, yes? Does this mean that you still have room on your ticket for the rifles that you got rid of? What does it say on your certificate in relation to acquiring, or re-acquiring rifles? Have you tried telephoning the firearms department of you Police force. Thinking about it I have never come across anyone before in your situation, I am intrigued to know the answer. Keep us informed.


thanks for all the replies,swampy your idea sounds great i may phone my FLO but as you say just fill it in and do the paper exercise.Roger thanks i have already emailed Donnington just waiting a reply. jayb my ticket requires me to do a variation and i only have slotsleft for .22 and .223 and i want a 308 and 243 which where on there before those where the rifles i sold so swampy's idea makes sense.Roger i have only read about shooting sh on this forum so take a look at some of the comments.