Variation query (FAC air rifle)

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New to FAC and have a space for a .22 air rifle. Bought one from a dealer but wasn't happy with it and returned it within the week.

Firearms dept phoned to say that I need to do a 1 for 1 variation to be able to acquire a new rifle. (I didn't realise the licence was to ACQUIRE rather than possess a rifle!!)

My questions are:

There is a nice .25 rifle for sale at the moment that I like the look of. If I have to do a variation anyway, will it be any more hassle to change my requirement to a .25 so I can buy this rifle?

Will it still be a 1 for 1 variation?

Will it take longer to process with the small calibre amendment?

Can the rifle be RFD'd in advance of the variation coming through? (presume a risk)

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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i assume you notified the Police of the purchase and then the return?
You need a one for one variation asking to replace the FAC Air rifle with the .25 calibre.
you need to submit a FAC application without the referees section and state your reason to possess against the .25 rifle. This is free and should not take much longer.
​You could put a returnable deposit on the .25 calibre if that's what you mean. Your Gun Dealer will be familiar with the system