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Hi all,

If I sell one .22 and replace with another .22 do I need to do a 1 for 1 variation? what is the process, essentially only thing that changes on my fac is record of original rifle being disposed of and new rifle/serial number replacing it? I have used 1 for 1 in the past to dispose of a .17 and replace that slot with .222 so I understand process if different caliber is involved.



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I think that is exactly what a 1 for 1 variation is for!

You need to sell your .22 and apply for a 1 for 1 variation for another .22 slot before you can buy another .22

If applied for within a certain timeframe of selling your current rifle it should be free (? 7 days)

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Yes that's what a 1-4-1 is. If it's a straight swap for the same calibre it should be minimal paperwork and almost no explanation but if you're changing calibres then your "need" may change so you may need to explain why. If it's done quick then no need to pay.


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Cheers guys, so bottom line is I have to do a 1 for 1 even though caliber and mechanism is not changing, this is what I had assumed but is a pain as I am with Thames Valley and they are taking months to do anything! I'll have a chat with my FEO I think.


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In simple terms you are authorised, let us say, by your FAC to possess 5 weapons of various types and calibres. But all for use over land on 'any lawful quarry'. You are proposing to dispose of 1 of those weapons and ask, as the total number of weapons you will possess will not increase, to replace it with another weapon. To sell 1 and get something else to restore you to still owning but 5 weapons.

Therefore as your number of weapons held will not increase if that permission is granted you are entitled to a 1 for 1 'fee' cost for that variation. Which is zero Pounds. Free. Even so you will still have to justify good reason for it calibre of the 'new' weapon if of broadly the same class for the same purpose (say one medium bore centrefire rifle for another medium bore centrefire rifle) is irrelevant to the process.

But as others have said that will be, even though there may be administrative delays, straightforward. The issues arise where an FAC holder licensed for target shooting...for which he or she has a .22LR...asks for a .22 WMRF or a .17 HMR. As whilst a .22 WMRF or .17 HMR might be used for target shooting (both ammunitions are available in FMJ bullet) by their very nature it suggests other intentions for its true use.
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