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Morning all, I'm new to this stalking forum so go easy on me please, I'm looking to put in a variation for fox control on some land that i shoot, my land consists of 2 golf courses & a 85 acre of grass field, there is no issues with back stops. My question is when filling out the vary form do i just add the new gun or do i need to add all my other FA guns !
The main reason for putting in the variation is i have had to use a friend who has an open ticket with his 22-250 to remove some fox's.


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Just the firearm (and ammunition and moderator presumably) that is what you want as an amendment to the last FAC issued.

If you want to make an amendment with respect to usage for your already held firearms then that’s not a variation so to speak, it’s just a change of usage. You would write to your governing Firearms dept to request this.


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Apply online​

Step 1: complete the online form

You'll need these details:

  • details of the firearm(s) you wish to vary and why
  • a photo of your current certificate (in .jpg or .jpeg format)
  • details of any physical or mental health conditions you have
  • the name and address of your current UK GP or UK GP practice
  • details of any previous convictions
  • credit or debit card details to make your online payment