For Sale: Various bullets - good prices NEW

Nosler 30 cal hunting bt (.308) 150gr £29.50 per 50 pack
(5 available) can backorder

Nosler varmageddon 22 cal ( 224) 35gr £48.50 per 250 pack ( 1 available) can backorder

Sierra 2150 pro hunter 30 cal (308) 180gr sp spitzer £38.00 per 100 pack ( 2 available) can backorder

Sierra 2310 pro hunter 303 (.311) 180gr spt spitzer £36.00 per 100 ( 1 available) can back order

Sierra 1830 pro hunter 270 (.277) 130gr sp spitzer £ 30.00 per 100 ( 4 available) can back order.

Sierra 1502 Blitzking 55gr 6mm (.243) per 100 £33.00 ( 4 available) can backorder.

Sierra 1540 6mm (.243) 100gr sp spitzer £26.50 per 100. ( 4 available) can backorder

Value bullet company .17 cal 17gr polymer tip £5.50 per 100, £26 per 500.

Other Sierra bullets available in .224

Fox non toxic bullets available as well at great prices, in stock.

Any product requiring back ordering, will require deposit.

Postage is £4.50 but this will go up to £7.50 if the weight goes over 2kg.
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At the moment I have in:

1450 50gr blitzking
1440 40gr blitzking
1385 40gr hollow point.

I could however order in some 55gr gameking 1365's and have them in by the end of the week? Price £ 23.00 per 100.

I do stock lead-based ammunition (plenty in stock) but at the moment I only stock Fox bullets and not Fox ammunition, I can let you know if and when I get some Fox ammunition in?

I currently operate from a secured part of a private dwelling, aside from my full time job. Visiting can be arranged by appointment though.

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Ah OK thanks for that. Definitely interested to test a box of ammo before I think about reloading them.
I only have one source for fox bullets and ammunition (which differs from my usual suppliers) and hazmat ammunition delivery fee's are very expensive. When I order lead-based ammunition from a supplier, it is usually a big order and you can divide the cost of delivery amoung all the items ordered. I will need to order enough fox ammunition to make it worth the delivery charge from the other supplier.

What I may do is a poll to see who would be interested in the lead-free fox ammunition to buy in Sussex and see if I get enough takers