For Sale: Various cold room / walk in fridge bits.


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Was going to build my own but decided to buy a free standing fridge instead. Buyer to collect but happy to accept an offer /s if anyone is interested:

2x cold room doors & hinges. No keys so they don't lock. However the internal releases work. In decent condition.
2 x Zanotti Evaporators. one is in very good condition the other isn't (was going to keep for spares!)
1x Zanotti control unit
Couple of other bits, although I'm not sure what they do!

Basically, I removed these from a walk in fridge and walk in freezer that was being dismantled. They had all been working prior to this. From a Navy club in Plymouth.
I'm based near Taunton. I have a bunch more photos if interested.

Here are some prices (hope nobody is too offended!):

Doors - £125 for the pair
Evaporator - £125 (comes with the other not so great one, unless buyer doesn't want it and so I'll get rid of it)
Random bits - £50
Zanotti controller - £50


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You know what you paid for them so you surely have an ide what you need/want for them. Stick them on eBay if you want to have an auction and let them find their market value.... tis the rules of the classifieds